All Good Things

by Computer Ed

It started so many years ago. I was working as Tech Support for a local ISP when I was asked to do a short morning show spot and talk about tech gift buying for the holidays. Almost 20 years later here we are.

computeredComputer Ed Radio has always been a labor of love. I love computers, love PC gaming and technology. I am a true geek and wanted to spread the joy, fun and experiences these things have given me to others.

That love and passion continue today but my life has taken some unexpected and wondrous turns that make doing this show, in a manner and quality level I can be happy with impossible. So rather than do the show in half measures, Doug and I have decided it is better to let it quietly slip away.

I want to thank some people, starting with Pat Benton, Roz Rice and Tom Miller. You all saw something in me that I did not see in myself and your encouragement and support are a big part of getting this show to exist. You taught me about radio and a long the way I learned some life lessons as well, much love to you all.

WGGH Show 1 003Next I want to thank my best friend and co-host Doug Berner. Poor Doug wanted to hang out and came to the WJPF studios one day. Man he did not know what he was getting into. One minute he was hanging out with a fried, the next he was co-hosting the show. He came along at a time when I was feeling burned out and breathed new life into the show, a new dynamic.

Next all the folks at WSIU, you have been amazing. When our show needed a home and we thought we where done you gave us two more years in the sun and I cannot express how wonderful it was to work with all of you.

Shannon Robb, my friend and contact with Thermaltake, a company has has supported the show for many years with products for reviews and the last few years with sponsorship for our podcast. While other companies kind of rolled their eyes at us you and the folks at Thermaltake have been nothing but excited and supportive, thank you.

A few other companies that have shown great support overt the years; Kingston, Fractal Designs, Sapphire and many others. We are do grateful for all the great products we have been able to look at.

Of course I cannot end the thank you section without thanking my wife Lisa. She has given up one night a week without complaint. She has been patient with the hours during the week of prep work and let me bounce ideas off her as well as supply some of her own.

Then of course I come to all of you. The faithful that have stuck with this show and are the reason I did it. I hope somewhere along the way some of my passion passed on to you and you in turn passed it on to others.

Now while this is the end of Computer Ed Radio do not mark this as the end of seeing me around. I have been contacted by local media and asked to do quest spots on technology and gaming as well as a few podcasts out there on the Internet. My job with Sapphire has be traveling the country so keep watch on Sapphire’s Facebook page and you might find I will be near you at an event, stop in and say hi.

On behalf of Doug and myself I want to say it has been a wild ride and one I am so glad we could all share together. We will be posting our farewell show on this blog next week. Much love form us to all of you and hope to see you around the world, as the the future, who knows………