clip_image001In June of 1977 a 14 year old walked into Morris Library at Southern Illinois University. Downstairs in the media lab he was put into a cubical. The dull orange glow of a plasma screen lit his face as he first began to use the Plato computer system. Now all these years later he still has the same passion for computing that he caught that fateful day.

Hi, I am Computer Ed, also known as Edward Crisler. Computing to me is more than a job, it is a hobby and a joy, something I do for fun and work. Joined by my sidekick Doug Berner, I try to spread that excitement about computing through Computer Ed Radio, a local radio show done every week at the studios of WSIU.

This show got it’s start in 1996 as a simple one time on air interview to discuss how to make wise computer purchases for Christmas. Soon it grew to a monthly and then weekly regular interview on the Morning Meeting with Pat Benton. When Pat left WJPF the show left with him for a short time but the efforts of Roz Rice and Tom Miller helped to raise it again. From there the show grew into a one hour regular show ever Sunday but we continued to grow and soon needed more space. Jim Fishback at WGGH saw our potential and gave us 3 hours 457324_359453127436825_65074540_oevery Saturday to see where this show will go and now we have moved to WSIU and made the show available on the Public Radio Exchange.

This show is about trying to infect others with my passion for the hobby of computing. We discuss computing news, new technology, review software and hardware as well as explore how to get the most out of your PC and more. However the true topic of the show is you, our listeners and how we can help you get the most out of your computing experience.

Computer Ed Radio is available via the Public Radio Exchange  for any station to carry in their local broadcast. The show is done as two stand alone single hours with the first hour being geared toward the everyday computer user and the second hour is when we Geek Out and get into hardware and gaming. This allows stations to pick to air just one air of the show or both based on their schedule openings.

Computer Ed Radio is recorded each week at the studios of WSIU in Carbondale, IL on the SIU Campus. Our show is produced by Lisa Morrisette-Zapp and our engineer is Jason Berner.

If You have questions, ideas for show segments or just comments you can email us at computeredradio@gmail.com or you can join the Computer Ed Radio Show page on Facebook.